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Doug Lawrence
The New York Times quoted jazz legend Buck Clayton saying - “Doug Lawrence is a great tenor saxophonist, a natural, like Lester Young.” Howard Mandel of Downbeat says “The professional credentials Doug Lawrence has racked up, are astonishing!”, Bill Milkowski of Jazz Times says “Think of Coleman Hawkins, Louis Armstrong, Ben Webster, Lester Young, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra. They were able to touch our collective soul with their extraordinary sense of phrasing.
Tenor man Doug Lawrence has got it. His phrasing is fluid, relaxed, conversational and charming, just like his easy going, seductive Southern drawl.” And Dan Morgenstern. former editor of Downbeat says “There's nothing forced about Doug's playing: It is, as they say, the real thing.” Doug Lawrence spent over 25 years working in New York City. 

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