PETER PONZOL: Testimonials

Here are some recent testimonials from very happy customers. Some have given me permission to use their names, some only their initials, some only their first name and some not at all. In respect to the privacy for all, I have decided not to list any information about the writer.

"I just bought the new Tenor M2 Plus Stainless Steel. Thanks Mr. Ponzol. Its a great, great mouthpiece, really warm and powerful"

"I have played on some Ponzol's before, but I think you have a completely different concept of sound with the new models. I couldn't stop playing at the shop because it got better and better. It performs great with every reed, even plastic. It has an amazing response, intonation and range of dynamics from ppp to fff, and still sounds beautiful. What can I say, thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait for my next gig!"

"I just purchased an M2 Plus Stainless Steel Tenor mouthpiece. Its by far the best mouthpiece I've ever owned. The intonation and sound are great! Thank you for your great workmanship. Please let me know when the new Stainless soprano mouthpiece is available."

"I am enjoying my M2 110 Stainless Steel mouthpiece more than I can tell you! Enough so that I need to know when the alto version will be available!"

" I got an M2 Plus stainless steel and as I sit here amazed at what this mouthpiece can do, I just wanted to say congratulations on a great product, and thank you so much for the quality mouthpieces you have always provided, and especially for striving to improve, which you succeed in doing."

"Just wanted to let you know that I purchased the stainless steel M2 110 as you suggested. It is an unreal mouthpiece. It plays effortlessly down low, and projects with brilliance up high. I have played many mouthpieces and this is the best do-it-all mouthpiece of all time. Thanks so much for your craftsmanship."

"A few months ago I purchased a 110 stainless mouthpiece for tenor as we had discussed. It gives projection, with beautiful warm overtones, the sweetness of hard rubber and great response throughout the entire range of the horn. I have played auditions recently and have had professors be in awe of such a "robust sound that young players don't normally possess". Thank you so much for making wonderful products."