JODY JAZZ : Classic

De model naam, "Classic", betekent niet dat dit mondstuk voor klassieke muziek is gemaakt. Toen Jody begon mondstukken te maken, was dit het eerste en enige model dat hij had, dus had het gewoon de naam Jody Jazz. Toen hij het volgende model (het ESP) creëerde kreeg het eerste mondstuk behoefte aan een modelnaam. Het was eigenlijk een klant die de naam aan het mondstuk gaf. Hij zei tegen Jody: "Niet de ESP, maar uw "Classic" -model.

Jody Jazz Classic saxofoon mondstukken zijn "free blowing", gemakkelijk te bespelen mondstukken. Het lage register van de saxofoon klinkt vol, rond en stevig en het hoge register klinkt warm en goed gestemd. Daarenboven spreekt het altissimo register goed aan. Het mondstuk heeft een pure, kernachtige klank, een uitstekende projectie en is buitengewoon veelzijdig. Uitstekend geschikt voor "straight ahead Jazz" en dank zij zijn veelzijdigheid mengt het mooi in een concertband of saxofoon kwartet.

Twee mondstukken in een.
De verwijderbare spoiler heeft een tweede riet dat trilt waardoor de klankgolven in het mondstuk worden verstoord en meer boventonen en daardoor meer projectie ontstaan. De Classic is gemaakt van een eigen polycarbonaat legering, gemengd met synthetisch rubber waardoor zowel heldere als warme klanken kunnen geproduceerd worden.

Voor meer helderheid en volume plaatst U de spoiler en U voelt dat het mondstuk alles kan. Smooth Jazz, Hard Rock, Reggae, Ska, Funk, Hip-Hop, Top 40, Duranguense, Merengue, Salsa? Compa, Tejano, Musica Popular Brasileira, etc..... Met de spoiler heeft U meer dan genoeg kracht en edge.

Deze mondstukken worden geleverd met een Deluxe Rovner (Dark) rietbinder, beschermkap, spoiler en luxe mondstuk tasje.


Testimonials From JodyJazz Customers

"Jody, Just wanted to thank you for your great customer service. I received my Alto Classic mouth piece today, and have been playing it all evening. So far, it is just fantasic, I really like how easy it plays, and how easy it allows me to hit the high notes, with such clarity. Thanks once again for such a quality product and quality service. "
-Carry Buttle

"Jody, I have to thank you for the great service. I had a chace to play a small gig with my new mouthpiece and it performed great. The lows were very thick and the highs cut through all of the electric stuff on stage. WOW... It also is super easy to play. I just have a generic horn and the notes were clean and in tune. The mouthpiece responded to even the smallest amount of 'lip' allowing me to give my solos better projection and emphasis. "
-Keith Esposito

"Hi Jody, The mouthpiece you recommended, JodyJazz classic #7 plays great. The whole process from 6 questions to delivery went smooth as Jazz should be. Can't thank you enough Keep up the good work.. I just wish ALL business deals went as letter perfect. "
-Paul Knesevitch

"Dear Mr. Espina,
I just got your mouthpiece in the mail on Thursday, and I have to tell you, I am very very impressed. My sound has changed dramatically for the better, and everybody who has heard me play can tell the difference. I love this mouthpiece especially with the spoiler. I thought when i got it it wouldn't make a difference, but the bright projection is incredible, and the tone I can create with or without it is great! What defines your piece the most is it's unique color, and the unique sound created by the player. I was out to find a sound that would be my own, and your JodyJazz Classic has helped me reach my goals. I look forawrd to coming home each day and practicing, because I know now that your mouthpiece has given me the ability to create my own sound that best fits me. It is excellent for my lead alto playing, and solos with the spoiler come out bright, crisp, and clear, and the big band tunes without the spoiler still give me a great jazz tone with still excellent projection. This mouthpiece is everything I have been looking for, thank you for the great work! Thanks again for the great work, and should I ever need any saxophone mouthpiece again, you can count on my business, this is one of the best investments for my future as a player I think I have ever made. "
-Justin Dickson

"Dear Jody, I've had a JodyJazz Classic #6 sapphire blue for Alto for a little over a year now, and only in the last few months have I begun to reap the advantages of one. Before, I had my braces on, so my tone did not improve as fast as it does now, thanks to your mouthpiece. But I got my braces off in August of '05, and kept using my Famous Mouthpiece # 5 on alto. Then one day I decided to give your mouthpiece a try, and my tone was instantly better! I believe that if I had not used your mouthpiece, I would not have gotten into Minnesota Youth Jazz Band. Thank you so much for a wonderful mouthpiece. "
-Eric Streich

"Hello Jody, I want to thank you for your personal help with the mouthpiece. I used your JodyJazz Classic on my 1941 Alto Conn Naked Lady and played some jazz,blues and some 70's music. I loved the mouthpiece I'm well pleased. it gives a wonderful full tone with the more modern music give it a A+ stands up with the two vintage Famous Mouthpiece, with more control on the JodyJazz. I love the blues and your mouthpiece gets right down broken hearted blues down nice I can get more innovation wow it is so much fun to have a mouthpiece that lets me put more feeling into a song. Gotta give it a A+ with the blues Love it. "

Testimonials From JodyJazz Customers

"Hi Jody
I just wanted to let you know the mouthpiece arrived safely a few weeks ago.I was using a Famous Mouthpiece 95, and so I like a bright sound, but the Classic is better is so many ways. Easier to blow, rounder tone, greater dynamic range, more forgiving, and in short: I love it. "
-Andy Ellis

" I got a JJ Tenor Classic 7 from a while back. I might add I have it on a King Super 20 Silversonic tenor & it just roars! I don't know what voodoo you guys do, but it's amazing. I may have to spring for one for my soprano before long. Thanks, again!!!!! "

" Dear jody
I just received the red tenor mouthpiece yesterday and today,i played lead tenor in a big band gig and BOY!!!!It rocks man!!!The whole section is asking me "WHAT IS THAT MPC!!!???HOW YOU DO THAT??!!"

It was really great.everyone of your mpc i bought and played,be it alto,tenor or sop,brought in should be receiving some orders from my friends.Haha.Thanks jody,for your great creations.
Regards "
-Terry, Singapore

" Several months ago, I got my hands on a JJ Classic tenor piece (can't play metal...l-o-n-g story). Put my Famous Mouthpiece away for good! Everything you(or anybody else) says about your product is TRUE! Others make claims, but you deliver the goods. I'm an "occasional" player in a retro-rock band & this mouthpiece does just rocks! I have finally ended my search for "THE" mouthpiec
Thanks a million! "
-Tom Tapscott, Clarksville TN

" Jody! the mouthpiece arrived today and i had to literally pry myself away from my horn long enough to tell you this, YOUR MOUTHPIECE IS NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING!!! i don't think i need to tell you the details as i'm sure you've probably heard them a million times before. I've always played on Famous Mouthpiece Brand (both hand made and laser trimmed) and mouthpieces refaced by the best in the business, but believe it or not, none of them even begin to come close to your mouthpiece. the effortless ease of playing and amazing fullness of the sound i get from this red thing that looks like a toy is mind-blowing!!! thank you thank you thank you!! "

Testimonials From JodyJazz Customers

"Dear Mr. Jody Espina,
Hello, my name is Roxy Modesto, currently the sole female baritone sax player in the Metro Manila area and currently playing in the Philippines at the University of the Philippines at the College of Music. My uncle, Ed San Jose, was in touch with you, when ordering my mouthpieces late last year and this email is just to say: thank you. :)

I've received my tenor 7 HR* and my bari Classic mouthpiece, and I have fallen in love. These mouthpieces are exactly what I've wanted, and they've only encouraged me to develop my sound, not only on bari but also on tenor. I've played many mouthpieces and my current bari mouthpiece, a stock Artist H Couf, just didn't have the oomph that the baritone classic has. The tenor HR has that rich vintage sound that I've always wanted to have but couldn't develop on my stock yamaha mouthpiece that came with the instrument. Thank you so much for developing these pieces, they're FANTASTIC and I hope I can spread the word around the scene here that Jody Jazz has mouthpieces are to die for.
Sincerely yours, "
- Roxy Modesto, Philippines

"Hi Thanks for sending me the mouthpieces, I am a Happy Guy. I kept the Classic and returned the ESP. Both of the mouthpieces had more volume and edge than the Famous Mouthpiece that I have been playing. The Classic had a little more projection and played better in tune than my Famous Mouthpiece Five star. The sound was similar and I am happy to now own that mouthpiece. The ESP GOLD was just a little too much edge and power for me (although I loved the volume and the projection it would take too much work for me to be able to control the power) since I don't play Baritone everyday I sent it back to you. Thanks a lot for your assistance.
Cheers! "
- Chris Murphy

" Hi again.
I got my bari mouthpiece some days ago, and I'm extremely satisfied with the sound of this piece...its great! What a volume, and what full nice sound it really know your stuff Jody! I'm feeling like Doc Kupka from Tower of power now... Well, thanks for the mouthpieces...they will be played!
All the best "
-Magne Falk, Norway 

" Hello Jody,
Today I got my baritone mouthpiece from you.GREAT.SUPER.That is what I want and need.Really amazing.
Thanks very much, "
-Jiri Hala