Wamte & Pracht
De HR* zijn ebonieten mondstukken voor professionelen en studenten die een traditioneel veelzijdig mondstuk zoeken met hoge kwaliteitsnormen, een mooie warme klank en aangenaam vrij aanblazen. Ze hebben de look, voelen en klinken zoals de vintage ebonieten mondstukken. Wij denken dat dit mondstuk een van de beste ebonieten mondstukken op de markt is.

De HR* produceert een mooie warme klank en spreekt gemakkelijk aan. Dit ebonieten saxofoon  mondstuk heeft een ronde, middelgrote kamer. De HR* is geschikt voor Traditional Jazz, Big-Band, Straight-Ahead en Bebop, maar heeft ook voldoende vermogen voor modernere stijlen. Het is een favoriet mondstuk bij dirigenten omdat het gemakkelijk mengt in een sectie.

Deze mondstukken worden geleveverd met rietbinder en bescherm kap in een luxe tasje.


Testimonials From JodyJazz Artist Endorser

" I really like this mouthpiece because it is responsive, plays well in all of the registers, and has a sweetness that compliments the naturally bright frequencies of the soprano. It also has a rich darkness and warmth, without the stuffiness associates with hard rubber mouthpieces of the past. Plus, the projection is great "
-Laura Dreyer 

Reviews From Major Magazines
...responsive, darkness and warmth,...plays well in all of the registers, and has a sweetness that compliments the naturally bright frequencies of the soprano.
-Jazz Improv Magzine 2006 

… produced a warm, dark tone and blew freely and evenly across the traditional range of the horn. … Extremely responsive, the HR* lets you tongue fast and accurately through uptempo passages without choking up in the throat
-DownBeat Magzine 2006 

Testimonials From JodyJazz Customers
Thanks Jody!
Your site, your products, your service, you and your people are the best... Rest assured I receive compliments right and left for my new sound - and Jody Jazz has everything to do with it! The DV Tenor and HR Soprano pieces are revolutionary! And your Garzone DVD inspires and relaxes with its info. and down to earth presentation. Yeah Man...

My eyes will be peeled to your site routinely. I'll likely be on the front end of customers interested in your new developments and will pull the trigger now and again...

Jody, you leave me feeling like a friend after every transaction/inquiry... One doesn't get that often, nowadays.

As you aspire to this - thought I'd let you know you are "succeeding exceedingly!" Hey! Good name for a tune... maybe in 7/8 at around 136 tempo...
-Andy in Baltimore 

The soprano piece has enabled me to extend my upper register range by a couple notes, and the tenor piece has made the top end of the upper register more solid. I am glad I didn't wait any longer to try your pieces!!!

My wife has never liked my soprano playing much, preferring my tenor which has been my main horn, but last night after she heard me on your piece, she said that I sounded really smooth and she liked it. I realized too that it really took the shrillness out of my tone, and is the sound I am looking for on a soprano.

Another critical thing about your pieces is that my intonation is better than it's been on both the tenor and soprano. Incredible!

Thanks so much for making such great pieces.
-Paul Grandmasion 

Dear Mr. Espina,
Just a short note to tell you that I received the HR* (6*) for soprano a couple of weeks ago. This was your suggestion for my needs. The mouthpiece is wonderful, and I want to thank you for your quality product. It gives me the best sound I have had on soprano and the intonation, top to bottom, is great. Full, round tone, very nice. I will pass the word about your mouthpieces and will no doubt be buying others in the future. Sincere thanks for a great product and sincere, best wishes for a great summer.
-Sam Waters 


Testimonials From JodyJazz Artist Endorsers

" The JodyJazz HR* mouthpieces that I use on both alto and tenor sax are the epitome of "complete" for the type of playing that I do. The versatility that I'm called to perform, and hence demand of my mouthpieces -- everything from straight ahead jazz and screaming R&B to classical symphony pops -- is comfortably apparent through the effortlessness I experience with your mouthpieces. "
-Wally West

" Thanks Jody. After 8 years on my Meyer 7, it took me about 10 minutes to switch to your HR* 6. Beautiful sound, terrific response, just everything I'm looking for. I'm definitely recommending it to anyone I play with and teach "
-Colin Mason 

Testimonials From JodyJazz Customers 

Hi there, Jody. I just wanted to thank you. As a working professional, I have tried every mouthpiece out there, and have grown skeptical of the claims of "vintage" sound from new mouthpieces, and especially the "vintage rubber" claims. Consistent workmanship is also hard to find. I am amazed at how many mouthpieces I have tried that arrive with uneven rails or chips in the chamber.

You have been responsive, professional, and extremely helpful. The HR* alto 8M arrived today, and it is stunning. It is the exact sound I am looking for, for straight-ahead jazz.

Wow- way to go, and thanks for striving for great quality pieces. The wide range of tip openings is really helpful, too- I play open pieces, and all those vintage ones are on the opposite side of the spectrum.
-Chris Lang, Denver Colorado 

The mouthpiece sounds great! It is how you described: like a Meyer, but with a little more projection. Exactly what I was looking for. Once again, thanks a lot.
-Juerg, Switzerland 

Thanks a bunch for the great product! I have been very impressed with the mouthpiece and my wife has also noticed a difference in my sound! I am very happy with the piece and look forward to many good years of playing on such a great product. Thanks again
-zack jakub 

Just a quick word of thanks. Thank You Very Much for an Exquisite Product. I Have had my HR* now for several months, and this is by far one of the best Saxophone MP on the market. Thanks again for a great job.
-R. Henry, III, M.D.
Hi Jody,
I love the Hr 6M. I'm playing lead alto in our collegiate jazz ensemble, and I finally have that sound of vintage rubber. My saxophone has become my best friend within the past several months, and I want to thank you for this piece of work.
-Chris Oyler 


Testimonials From JodyJazz Artist Endorsers

"My JodyJazz HR* 10* Hard Rubber is ever changing in the most positive sense, that I have ever experienced. This is what I look for in a good one now!"
-George Garzone

" The JodyJazz HR* mouthpieces that I use on both alto and tenor sax are the epitome of "complete" for the type of playing that I do. The versatility that I'm called to perform, and hence demand of my mouthpieces -- everything from straight ahead jazz and screaming R&B to classical symphony pops -- is comfortably apparent through the effortlessness I experience with your mouthpieces. "
-Wally West 

Testimonials From JodyJazz Customers
Hi Jody,
I work part time in a saxophone store, so get to play A LOT of different brands of mouthpieces. I've tried everything out there and they've all been a disappointment. Your pieces were recommended to me by a friend and I've been wanting to try one ever since. In all honesty, I was expecting to play this Jody Jazz for a few minutes and end up having to 'put it in the drawer'. How wrong could I have been!! Wow... this is the best playing mouthpiece I have ever tried. It sounds beautiful, dark, traditional but with some edge when you push it. It's exactly what I was looking for in a mouthpiece and more! Sincere thanks for your advice and time spent dealing with my order. I will be telling all my friends and colleagues about your work, as well as all of the customers at the saxophone store. I am truly stunned by this great mouthpiece and am very grateful to you. I will take it on the gig tonight... and many more to come, I'm sure.
Thanks you!
-Simon Kaylor, England 

Hi Jody,
This is Matt Renzi. Just wanted to drop you a line about the Hard Rubber '8' piece you laid on me last May when I came down to the factory with George Garzone. It's fantastic and I've been using it the whole time since then (recorded 6 CDs with it so far!) The latest one that's gonna come out is my CD "Lunch Special"

I put a track up off that CD for you to check out on my site: ... It's called 'Circolazione.' Thanks, and I'll talk to you soon.
-Matt Renzi 

What can I say? I LOVE this mouthpiece. It's got guts, it's got growl, it's got altissimo...and it's got perfect intonation. I have never been happy with my Mk VI tenor because of intonation problems, but, baby, they're gone. I love this piece!
-Steve, Missouri 

When I first tried out the new Jody Jazz HR 7*, I noticed an immediate change in my sound. Bigger, and with a little more edge especially in the high register. Wow! That's exactly what I’ve been looking for. After trying out all kinds of mouthpieces I finally found the one. Thanks Jody!
-Ivan Renta, New York, NY 

I just got the mouthpiece yesterday after about a week of searching for the right mouthpiece. WOW! What a difference! I'm a high school student in a jazz band and sax quartet and have been looking for this sound since I started playing, round, rich, big, and above all, easy to play even with worn out, several month old reeds. I tried it out in a music store against 3 others which are now irrelevant - I was sold from my first note! The HR* is not only a mouthpiece, it is a masterpiece!
-Brian Rutscher, Stillwater, MN 

Hi Jody,
I received the mouthpiece today; it's excellent, very dark, lots of sound, great articulation. I'm keeping it. You are under charging for sure. You came highly recommended by Jerry Bergonzi. I see why. Next time I'm in New York, I'd like to make an appointment with you, if possible, to play some more. Thank you for an excellent product and service. Take Care,

Hi Jody,
I want you to know how this mouthpiece fits me. I didn't know it before, you know I believe that you search for one sound but suddenly you try a setup and understand that it is YOUR sound and that's what happened with this terrific mouthpiece. Thanks to do such a good job!
-Alain Goldfarb